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    With 32 years of experience in tube processing as well as in manufacturing and exporting tube-processing machinery, we follow the business concepts of "Technology and Quality First and Always Provide the Best Possible Services" to remain competitive and grow steadily in the field. Now we serve up to 1,000 worldwide clients. Our tube machinery is designed to process tubes that are used widely in aircraft, transportation equipment (including tankers), buildings (including exterior wall cladding and escalators), tunnel engineering, furniture, refrigerating and air-conditioning products, sports equipment, entertainment facilities, power plants, petroleum-related equipment, water piping, sewage treatment facilities, landscaping, bridges, and autos, motorcycles and bicycles, as well as in the chemical engineering, iron processing, and fertilizer-making industries.

Since its inception the company that uphold the techinical command,
the spirit of quality first, and to improve service for backing of the faith, the sound operation
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Jan Far Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

402. No.47, Hsin-Hwa St., South Dis., Taichung