Model JF-W50 - NC Digital Auto Basket Twisting Molding Machine

  • Main driving motor is equipped with stepless speed system, available for free adjustment of speed.

  • Hydraulic system is provided with limit switch for operation production with smooth pressure output and stable material molding quality.

  • Spindle center is made of high-torque alloy through heat treatment process.

  • Touch controlled operation panel provides 100 units of machining dimensions to ensure free reading of machining daa and easy modification of setting.

  • Manual/Auto and foot-pad switches and auto origin return operation panel with clear figure indication for setting digital setting all provide easy operation.

  • Available for machining of a single piece or multiple pieces to shapes of basketball or tennis ball.

  • Emergency stop switch has braking function to ensure security and protection during operation.

  • Auto control panel:Auto control system (NC digital control$, precise and accurate positioning). Twisting mould is movable and equipped with separable clamping seat.

  • Body
    Total Length Total Width Total Hight Total Weight HP
    2000m/m 750m/m 1250m/m 1300KG 10HP
    Processing Capacity Square iron:5x5m/m ~ 25m/m Squart tube:38m/m ~ 38m/m (Thickness x Width)
    Accessories Mould,1unit. maintenance and repair tools,1 set, operation manual,electricity control wiring diagram. Auto control panel: Auto control system (NC digital control, precise and accurate positioning). Twisting mould is movable and eqipped with separable clamping seat.
    Processing Speed 5HP=20 RPM/mm ~ 7.5HP=30 RPM/mm : speed adjustable.
    Remarks Satisfactory all sizes of moulds available, able to provide special design upon request.

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