Model JF-W40 - NC Digital Auto Trail Stamping Forging Machine

  • NC digital auto control pricise and accurate positioning.

  • Spindle center is made of high-torque alloy through heat treatment process.

  • Main driving motor is equipped with stepless speed system, available for free adjustment of speed.

  • Auto material feed/discharge equipped with front guiding mould for mass and rapid production and machining process.

  • Manual/auto and foot-pad switches together with clear figure indication setting function provide easy and convenient operation.

  • Touch-controlled operation panel provides 100 units of machining dimensions to ensure of machining date and easy modification of setting.

  • Emergency stop switch has braking function to ensure security and protection during operation.



    Total Length Total Width Total Hight Total Weight HP
    1200m/m 750m/m 1500m/m 1400KG 5HP
    Processing Capacity Workiece width range:10m/m ~ 60m/m Thickness range:5m/m ~ 16m/m
    Accessories Mould,1unit. maintenance and repair tools,1 set, operation manual,electricity control wiring diagram. Auto control panel: Auto control system (NC digital control). Compound adjustable moving mould base and shaft center.
    Processing Speed 30 feeds per Minute.
    Remarks Satisfactory all sizes of moulds available, able to provide special design upon request.
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