Model JF-IW80L - NC Puncturing & Cutting Machine

  • TFT human machine interface display. touching controllable screen setting, digital control systems. servo motor positioning dimension precision, attached with modular memory functions.

  • Operational Function: Jogging/Automatic Functions.

  • Engineering Motion Classification: 1. Single punch for multiple holes. 2. irregular interval puncturing. 3. Regular interval puncturing. 4. Asymmertrical holes.

  • The machine is adopted with servo motor drivingg devices and the the feed-in and receiving speed that made in Japan. It can be set to high speed and high precision to ehance the productivity.

  • It is featured with sufficient damping force of damping oil cylinders and the positionof work pieces is stable uneasily loose off.

  • Servo feed-in positioning frame length: 7000m/m. Material length: 5000m/m ~ 6000m/m.

  • Application


  • Angle steel,grooved steel and flat steel cutting(45) and puncturing.

  • Square tube:25x25~80x80 rectangle pipe:20x40~50x100 round pipe puncturing:Ø20~Ø100

  • Body
    Total Length Total Width Total Hight Total Weight HP
    8500m/m 1800m/m 2700m/m 8.0T 15HP
    Processing Capacity
    Roll Bars Cutting Square Bars Cutting Angle Iron Bars Cutting Grooved Iron Cutting
    Ø38 m/m 40x40 (m/m) 100x100x10 (m/m) 125x125x12 (m/m)
    Flat Iron Plates V mold Angle Iron Angle Iron curved Mix Diameter
    125x51 (m/m) 145x145x18 (m/m) 125x12 (m/m) Ø160x6 (m/m)
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