Model JF-IW50L - NC Puncturing & Cutting Machine

    HMI interface
  • TFT human machine interface display. touching controllable screen setting, digital control systems. servo motor positioning dimension precision. attached with modular memory functions.

  • Operational Function: Jogging/Automatic Functions.

  • Engineering Motion Classification: 1. Single puncch for multiple holes. 2. Irregular interval puncturing. 3. Regular interval puncturing. 4. Asymmertrical holes.

  • Application: Angle steel, grovved steel and flat steel cutting (45゚) and puncturing.

  • Whenever the oil cylinder is moving downward. the machine is designed with featured like low RPM. hight speed moving downward. low speed processing. and high speed position resume so that It is available to increase the formation stability of work pieces during puncturing.

  • Oil Cylinder Stroke 150mm (Stroke available for positioning )the mold set is designed with 600mm In depth available for forward and backward 150mm moving accessibility. Our machine is designed with Italy-made digital scale(LCD display) with high precision.

  • Servo Position Frame Length: 3000mm Feed-In Frame Length:2000mm(Standard)

  • Application


  • Angle steel,grooved steel and flat steel cutting(45゚) and puncturing.

  • Body
    Total Length Total Width Total Hight Total Weight HP
    1500m/m 6500m/m 2000m/m 6.8T 15HP
    Processing Capacity
    Roll Bars Cutting Square Bars Cutting Angle Iron Bars Cutting Grooved Iron Cutting
    Ø32 m/m 32x32 (m/m) 100x100x10 (m/m) 102x51 (m/m)
    Flat Iron Plates V mold Angle Iron Angle Iron curved Mix Diameter
    150x16 (m/m) 145x145x10 (m/m) 102x9 (m/m) Ø160x3 (m/m)
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