Model JF-FL3-45 - NC Rounding & Flange-shape Machine

  • TFT human machine interlace display, touching controllable screen setting. Digital control systems, servo motor positioning dimension precision, attached with modular memory functions.

  • Operation Function: Jogging/Automatic Functions.

  • Engineering Motion Classification: 1.The cutting for various liner angle steel, 2.The cutting for flange.

  • PLC:1.Manual input of shaping specs 2.Precisely reads rolling specs 3.Records, saves over 100 sets of data.

  • Processes without waste of material on either end; highly efficient with lowered production cost.


    Total Length Total Width Total Hight Total Weight HP
    5700m/m 2200m/m 1800m/m 6T 10HP
    Processing Specifications
    Processed from flat angle with flange Yes
    Flange thickness T 3 ~ 5mm
    Flange edge height H 20 ~ 30mm
    Flange width W 30 ~ 40mm
    Flange diameter Ø 250 ~ 2000mm
    Diameter error range Ø ± 1.5mm
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