Model JF-89 - NC Digital Multi-Function Oil-Pressure Pipe Bender

  • TFT human machine interface display, digital control systems and attached with modular memory functions.

  • It is featured with multi-angular setting devices. Whenever the pipe processing is required for multi-angular bending, it is available for continuous automatic repeated operation but also available for mono-angular bending.

  • It is designed with high torque alloy core and intensified machine set with deep throat accessibility: thus, there is no blinjding angle for pipe processing.

  • It is designed with multiple mold sets and rollers. When the machine is operated for bending of work pieces, it is available to reduce the resistance coefficients of mold guiding but creates strong output force.

  • It is designed with crisscross-typed core sets. When the mold is calibrated, it is available for vertical and horizontal adjustment.

  • JF-89

    Type Range of Out Dia Range of Width Range of Bending Range of Radius Bending Speed Total Length Total Width Total Hight Total Weight HP
    89 3/4"~Ø89" 1m/m~8m/m 0°~200° 40m/m~500m/m 4~5 sec 5600m/m 1660m/m 1180m/m 4500KG 15HP
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