Model JF-4A - Heavy-duty Hydraulic Circularizing Machine

  • Axis: Make of high torque force Alloy Steel which Modification by Heat Treatment, strengthen Reliance of axis, Wear-resisting, Lengthen the operate life of mechanical motions.

  • Control by (Programming Language Control)process control, it equips with Manual/Automation set and with Operation Panel. Besides, it can add to load carried remote controller. You can operation it energetic active and clever in anytime and anywhere. You will decrease the regular operators in addition, it can save move human and cost, and thus productivity will increase higher.

  • It provided Electrical Digital Decoder to appear correct length when Holder sliding Precise size can at the merge of through display numbers. In addition, set the usual sizes and specifications to reduce the losses of mistakes.


    Total Length Total Width Total Hight Total Weight HP
    2300m/m 1760m/m 1360m/m 2.7T 10HP


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