Model JF-060 - Automatic Oil-Pressure Circle Roller

  • The driving and hudraulic motors are featured with high torque. Whenever the circle roller and semi-circle formation are processed, the outer diameter and bent angles can be adjusted at random with precise formation dimensions reached.

  • It is coordinated with the precise electrical control system and each part is designed with both manual and automatic operation.

  • It is convenient to change molds and the processing capability is available for squeezing-bending work pieces, variable metal pipes and rectangle pipes.

  • It is featured with plane circle roller operation with streamlined designs but convenient operation suitable for mass production.


    Range of Out Dia Range of Width Range of Bending Range of Radius Bending Speed Total Length Total Width Total Hight Total Weight HP
    1/4"~1-1/2" 2m/m 0°~360° 15m/m~330m/m 3~4 sec 1500m/m 1400m/m 2000m/m 800KG 10HP


    Processing Capacity
    Roll Bars Flat Iron Plates Angle Iron Bars Steel facade C Bean
    Ø76 100x10m/m 2"~2 1/2" 8m/mx300m/m 50x150
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