Model JF-030LTA - Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Circularizing Machine

  • TFT human machine interface display, touching controllable screen setting, digital control systems and attached with modular memory functions. It can be alternatively added with wireless control for mechanic operation anywhere and anytime. The convenient operation capability can allow less manpower to enhance the productivity.

  • The device is designed with highly precise German-made magnetic scales to assure of precise length displayed when the tray is sliding. Trough digital display, it is available to control the dimensions and set the frequently used dimensions convenient for operation so that it is available to reduce errors with precise and convenient operation reached.

  • By using 4-core and 3-driving axial driving functions, whenever the device is hudraulically driven, it can assure of stable speed and equal output of no speed difference worried.

  • The Feed-in Device of Core Penetration: It is designed with automatically moving devices (the core penetration device for processed pipes). The processing is applicable for aluminum, iron, stainless steel, square pipes, curtains and specific pipe bending and assure of beautiful and smooth outlook of finished products.

  • Body
    Total Length Total Width Total Hight Total Weight HP
    8800m/m 2100m/m 1600m/m 780KG 15&20HP


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