Model JF-030/030L - Automatic High Speed Oil-Pressure Circle Roller

  • The driving and hydraulic motors are featured with high torque. Whenever the circle roller and semi-circle formation are processed, the outer diameter and bent angles can be adjusted at random with precise formation dimensions reached.

  • It is ocoordinated with the precise electrical control system and each part is designed with both manual and automatic ooperation.

  • It is convenient to change molds and the processing capability is available for squeezing-bending work pieces, variable metal pipes and rectangle pipes.

  • It is featured with plane circle roller operation with streamlined designs but convenient operation suitable for mass production.

  • Body
    Type Range of Out Dia Range of Width Range of Bending Range of Radius Bending Speed Total Length Total Width Total Hight Total Weight HP
    030 1/4"~1-1/2" 2m/m 0°~360° 15m/m~330m/m 3~4 sec 1700m/m 1100m/m 900m/m 850KG 5HP
    030L 3/8"~3" 2m/m 0°~360° 150m/m~5000m/m 4~5 sec 1700m/m 920m/m 1160m/m 1100KG 10HP


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